Targeted Prospects to Build Your Business

Opening sales conversations and generating leads for small businesses.


A proven sales lead strategy that will fill your calendar with prospects that fit your needs.

Referrals and networking are never enough. You need leads now. We'll make it happen.

Here's What Our Clients Say 

"Manually searching the web to connect with potential customers is a tortuous waste of time. I'm incredibly grateful for GrowthTitan's team and their ability to find quality leads."

-Craig Puig, CEO of Professional Group Marketing

"Our IT firm relied heavily on referrals but a year into the business, the referrals started to dry up. We weren’t getting much return on our paid advertisement so we decided to outsource our prospecting. That is when we found Growth Titan. They knew exactly the market we wanted to target and generated over $150K worth of sales opportunities in just two months. I can’t express how grateful I am to Growth Titan for all their work."

- Owner DSL and Fiber Internet Service Provider

"Our firm’s outlook changed with the help of Growth Titan. Before our partnership, we would be lucky to get 3-4 high-end leads. Growth Titan helped us land our first 6-figure deal with a multinational and we have a few more in the pipeline. I can’t praise the team enough for what it has done for our business!"

- Owner Outsourced Business Processing Provider

"Growth Titan has helped me see the potential for outbound sales in my business. We used to rely on paid advertisements and referrals, but we now focus a lot more on cold outreach and have had a 3x greater ROI when compared to PPC. Two thumbs up for the Growth Titan team."

- Owner SaaS software profiver

"Working with Growth Titan has been easy. A dedicated account manager is constantly in touch with us, providing us leads, and insights into them so we can tailor our pitch perfectly. The team also worked with our limited budget to provide us with the services we were looking for. Growth Titan is perfect for small teams needing help with sales prospecting."

- Delivery Head Early Stage Start-up

"My consultancy now gets 7-8 real leads a month from Growth Titan. I can only handle 8-10 clients per month, so with my long sales cycle, high ticket price, and low bandwidth, this is the perfect solution. Highly recommend."

- Founder Boutique Management Consultant

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Your products or services help businesses and executives build and maintain strong bottom lines.


Your skills and expertise are not limited by a small region or niche industry.


Your minimum client generates at least $2,000 in revenue, and therefore gives you large enough profit margins for direct sales outreach.

Our team has been delivering high value sales leads for small businesses for nearly a decade.

We find the quality leads so you can focus on what you do best: keeping customers happy and building your business.

Skip the monotony of manual prospecting. We've got the strategy and expertise to do it for you at scale.

Our proven process fills your calendar with solid leads that generates revenue for your business.